Yukonstruct Policies

Be Excellent to Each Other 

Yukonstruct has a zero-tolerance policy for discrimination, harassment, or bullying of any kind. Our priority is to ensure our space is a community where all people know they are included, accepted, and safe. Staff and members are expected to abide by the community policies, which prohibit discriminatory, abusive, or demeaning behaviour. Any individual not following the community policies or code of conduct may be barred from the Northlight building.

Northlight and Yukonstruct Access Privileges 

Access to the Northlight building and Yukonstruct services are a privilege and not a right. Our staff and board reserve the right to deny or terminate access to the Northlight and/or Yukonstruct services to any individual in any of the following instances:

  • Community policies are not respected;
  • The safety of Yukonstruct staff or users becomes a concern; or
  • The safety or integrity of our shared spaces or assets are damaged or jeopardized.

As a shared space that permits 24/7 members, we rely on everyone to help us keep our space secure. Please report any safety concerns to staff immediately, and ensure that during closed hours, doors are shut securely behind you. After hours, please do not let in people that you do not know, all 24/7 members have key fobs for access. If you are not a 24/7 member, you agree to only use the space during the hours specified in your membership or booking.

Incidents and Near Misses

Report all incidents and near misses to staff.

Emergency Protocol

CALL 911. First aid kits are located next to every exterior door in Makespace. Fire extinguishers are located in all Makespace workshops. In Cospace, fire extinguishers are located by the front door and in the kitchen, and the first aid kit is in the kitchen.


No fully assembled firearms or ammo are permitted in Northlight.


Safety First

If you don’t know how it works, don’t use it. Follow all posted safety signs and notices.

Don’t rush. If you see something dangerous – stop it immediately. Teach safe practice, and share any concerns about dangers that you have with staff.

Keep it clean

Clean up after yourself, put away your tools, and leave it cleaner than you found it. If you don’t clean it up – we will charge for the time it took us to clean up after you. It is a community shop – cleaning up is everyone’s responsibility.


Guests are allowed to visit the space with members, but they must sign a guest liability form (available at the front desk). Guests cannot use any of the tools or equipment. They must also use the appropriate PPE when in the shops. It is the member’s responsibility to ensure the guests are following Makespace policies.


Anyone using equipment (regardless of age) has to be a member. If a youth comes to watch a member they must sign a guest liability form. Members aged 18 and under are not allowed in the shop without direct supervision from someone who has completed the relevant orientations. Members aged 12-18 may use the mezzanine and fabrication lab without adult supervision.


Makespace is dog-friendly as long as your pet is also relaxed and friendly. Dogs must be house-trained and not bother other dogs and members. You are responsible for the behaviour of your pet. Dogs are not permitted in the metal or wood shops. Members’ allergies take precedence over pets in the space.

Alcohol, Drugs, and Impaired Judgement

We have a zero-tolerance policy on impairment due to alcohol, drugs, or any other circumstance that would render your judgment impaired. Use of the Makespace is like driving a car – you cannot be impaired and use the facility.

PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)

Appropriate PPE must be used for each tool, as taught in the orientation. The metal shop and wood shop require closed toed footwear, safety glasses, tied back hair, and no loose clothing. Non-melting clothing is required in the metal shop.

Flammable Materials

No flammable materials are allowed in the metal or woodshops. This includes aerosols and other combustible materials.

Painting or Staining

Painting and staining of projects is not allowed in the shops at any time. During the summer season, painting is only allowed outdoors. Otherwise, painting and staining must take place in the loading bay. Only low-odour, low-VOC finishes are allowed indoors.


Members may store their projects for free for 24 hours on the glue-up shelf in the light wood shop or for one month on the storage rack outside in the yard. Otherwise, members are expected to pay for a storage option or take their items home. These are the only areas where members are permitted to leave their projects when the member is not present at Makespace.

Share the Tools

Makespace is not designed for volume production of goods and products. If you are considering producing high volumes of products, and thus putting heavy use on a particular machine while also monopolizing it from other member use, please contact staff to discuss your options.

Borrowing of Tools

Tools in the space are never to leave the Makespace site.

Solo Use

Members must never use any tools with motorized blades or high temperatures unless there is staff or another member at the Makespace. A guest liability form is available to bring a guest in this case. Please talk to staff for details.



Our goal is to foster a space that is productive, yet lively. Our community is built upon the importance of connections and collaboration. Cospace does not promise or aim to be a quiet space. We welcome respectful conversations and encourage a collaborative workspace. We ask that prolonged phone calls or loud conversations be moved to a phone booth or a meeting room to respect your working neighbours.


We play music in our front reception area, the cafe, and our shared kitchen, at a reasonable level from 9 am to 5 pm.

Kitchen & Shared Spaces

We keep our membership prices low, and our shared space clean, by asking all members to help. We ask that all members ensure shared resources, like the kitchen, microwave, fridge, or printing area are kept clean. The fridge is cleared out every Friday afternoon.


We love dogs. To keep Cospace dog-friendly, please follow the rules! Dogs need to be quiet, calm and have no issues with people or other dogs. Dogs that cause disturbance to other members are not permitted. Please keep your dog on a leash or by your side at all times. Respect other members by ensuring your dog does not roam free. Dogs are not allowed on furniture.

Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are booked first come first serve. Please don’t use the meeting rooms as personal workspaces, they are for calls or meetings only. Are the meeting rooms full and you need a last minute room? Don’t hesitate to ask a staff member, we might be able to find one for you. Meeting rooms can be booked for a maximum of 4 hours a day. Bookings over 4 hours are charged at an hourly member rate.


Cospace lights are always on from 9am to 5pm.

Bathroom Locks

In order to keep our members and property safe, we must keep the washrooms in Cospace locked between 5pm to 9am. The washrooms in the foyer of Northlight are always open and available for members to use.

Quiet Hot Desking

As much as possible, we open the front event space for quiet hotdesking. To see if the space is available, you can check the calendar to the left of the garage door, or ask a staff member.

Front Desk Expectations

Our front desk staff are awesome, multi-talented, and multi-tasked people (again helping to keep those membership fees low!). They do a lot to keep the space running, like cleaning and giving tours, so they may not always be at the front desk. If you have a guest coming please plan to meet them. If staff are present, they are more than happy to help direct your guests.


We like to host events! We try to limit events to the enclosed front event space, but larger events may be noisy or disruptive. We aim to keep these events to evenings and weekends, and we commit to giving our members notice of any large events that may be disruptive.

Suggestions and Concerns

Do you have suggestions or concerns? There are many ways you can share with us. The first is on our suggestions chalkboard. You can always talk or email with any of our staff at all times. Our Operations Director is always happy to sit down and discuss any issues in person.