Training & Safety Orientations

Training & Safety Orientations

Trainings are provided to get you started with our equipment. Workshops and courses are also hosted on a regular basis.

YuKonstruct offers orientations that, for safety reasons, members must complete to be able to use equipment in the space:

  • Woodshop orientation – 2x/month
  • Metalshop orientation – 1x/month
  • CNC router – on demand
  • Wood lathe – on demand
  • Induction forge – on demand
  • Plasma cutter – on demand
  • TIG/Arc/Oxy Acetylene welding – on demand

Because of the dangers in the shop, these orientations are required before members can use any of the tools.

Sign up for scheduled orientations and workshops here.

Ask us for the self-study guides for the following machines:

  • Laser cutter
  • 3D printer
  • Industrial sewing machine