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Strategic Plan – Draft plan ready

We now have a draft Strategic Plan! [button link=”http://forum.yukonstruct.com/uploads/default/original/1X/5afbbd7b5a6a34516df3cc8757ac58c92f111c4e.doc” newwindow=”yes”] DRAFT STRATEGIC PLAN[/button] For your reference, you may also view all the notes from the focus groups. As mentioned in the last Strategic Planning Process blog post, the draft Strategic Plan is the result of efforts put in by the Working Group. It is a

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Strategic Planning Process: kick-off

We have officially kicked-off our strategic planning process for YuKonstruct and (co)space! YuKonstruct Society President, John Glynn-Morris, has worked with the consultant team – Mark and Angela of Whitehorse-based Cambio Consulting – to flesh out an approach that meets our needs and maximizes the opportunity. The feelings so far are really positive. There is more information, as well as

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