• Meet the Maker: Orlan Lumantao

    Orlan began his journey as an Operations Assistant, finding immense satisfaction in all aspects of the job. He found particular joy in leading tours and orientations for new members. His commitment and strong work ethic paved the way for a new opportunity at Yukonstruct, stepping into the role of Bookings and Admin Coordinator. As he…

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  • Meet the Maker: Ameen Aydan

    As the Youth Programs Coordinator Intern, Ameen will be working with Jeramy to design and instruct programs for youth. He hopes to tweak the typical STEM camp by simplifying in-depth topics and providing the connections, tools, and learning from the mistakes of others, and being a conduit for continued learning. In today’s world, it’s crucial…

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  • Meet the Maker: Tong Shao

    Tong relocated from Kitchener-Waterloo to Whitehorse, where her friend, a fellow Yukonstruct member, introduced her to Northlight Innovations. She was impressed by the space’s functionality and the friendliness of the people she encountered. She found working with and serving entrepreneurs and innovators to be a rewarding career, which motivated her to join Yukonstruct.

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  • Meet the Maker: Cedrick Vinoya

    Cedrick initially joined Yukonstruct as an Operations Assistant and has since moved into the Social Media and Community Coordinator role. As a newcomer and former international student, Cedrick is working to start his community project called Beyond Borders Youth Network. This project aims to build a strong support system that transcends cultural barriers, serving as…

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  • Meet the Maker: Ratan Singh

    Ratan works as an Operations Assistant at Yukonstruct, helping out members at the front desk with any queries they may have. He was volunteering as a part of the Yukon University Student Union, and he heard about the job opening at Yukonstruct. So, being someone who always wanted to see what happens inside the BIG…

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  • Meet the Maker: Fahd Rizwan Fazal

    Fahd is the Operations Director at Yukonstruct. His role encompasses smooth operations of the facility, member-tenant management including satisfaction with the services provided, scheduling our lovely ops team to keep the space running, and just the overall running of the facility. His role is quite dynamic and allows him to work on a bit of…

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  • Meet the Maker: Esa Suominen

    Esa is an Operations Assistant at Yukonstruct and you will see him around in both the Makespace and the Cospace helping out with general Yukonstruct duties! He also makes vinyl collectible characters named Mawa and he sells them online and in person at pop-ups every now and then. Esa also loves snowboarding! We have a…

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  • Meet the Maker: Robin Bishop

    Robin has been a member of Yukonstruct since she moved to the Yukon in May of 2022. Robin’s creative project, Cosmic Phantasmagoria, describes her artistic journey of exploring consciousness. She is inspired by nature, science, and spirit— this precious experience of being. Hand-painted button pins, paintings, and crochet works are what she is currently bringing…

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  • Meet the Makers: Jenn

    Meet the Makers is a series of interviews to help you get to know the people who are building our makerspace. Jenn is president of YuKonstruct’s Board of Directors. She is creative and practical, and being part of and understanding the sharing economy a little more is important to her.  Jenn, what’s your role at YuKonstruct? President and co-chair…

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