Mentors’ Nights

Learn from the Makers!

You are working on a project and need some help troubleshooting a problem? You did a 101 but you are not sure anymore how to set up an equipment? You are looking for tips in the wood shop or you are not sure how to plan your woodworking project? You want to brainstorm techniques and ideas? You want to validate the feasibility of your project at the makerspace?


Ask a YuKonstruct mentor at the makerspace!


Every evening, a volunteer is in the space to help you with your project. Check out the Mentors’ board in the main room to see who is here and what expertise is covered today!

Depending of the day of the week, we focus on a specific area of expertise and/or an equipment:


WEDNESDAY – 6pm to 9 pm: Woodworking ~ Sewing
THURSDAY– 6pm to 9pm: Laser Cutting ~ Cutting Machines ~ Sewing
FRIDAY – 6pm to 9pm: 3D printing ~ 2D & 3D design ~ Laser Cutting
SUNDAY – 6pm to 9pm: Woodworking ~ Laser Cutting ~ Programming