Book a session with one of our volunteer mentors! Whether you need help with a machine you’ve never used before, or you need a refresher, or you just want some advice on a project you’re building, our volunteers can help you out!

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Mentoring Subjects:
  • Amy

    Amy is a self-taught woodworker and woodturner, always likes learning new things, and loves teaching what she knows to beginners!

    Evenings and Sundays
    Book a Session: Amy
  • Michelle

    Michelle is a trained tin basher and loves to share her skills. Ask her to show you her large scale model of a Canadian nickel!

    Book a Session: Michelle
  • Nicky

    Nicky is an entrepreneur and inventor. His educational background is in Electronic Engineering (BSC) and he’s spent many years developing electronic circuits and prototyping. He likes not only designing, but mostly hands-on projects which integrate electronics, mechanics, and other fields. Some people play the piano, some play a sport, and he enjoys learning and developing new electronic products.

    Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays
    Book a Session: Nicky
  • Richard

    Richard has been a woodworker for a long time and has done a variety of lathe and cabinetry work over the years mainly for pleasure. He’s loves helping members trained in traditional woodworking and woodturning so that others can get working on their beautiful projects.

    Wednesday, Thursday, Friday evenings
    Book a Session: Richard
  • Rick

    Rick spent ten years as a programmer, designer, and project manager at an indie game studio, working with a small team of artists and programmers on an engine built from scratch using nothing but C++, DirectX, and passion. His other passions include traditional woodworking, electronics, leather working, and chocolate making.

    Friday afternoons
    Book a Session: Rick
  • Russ

    Russ LaChapelle came to the Yukon in the early 90’s to work on the highway and never left. He has always had a love for woodworking and enjoys it when he just needs a break or gets an idea or 10. Russ started to challenge himself making cutting boards, rocking chairs, Time Out chairs for the Grandkids, puzzles, Aviaries, Lizard enclosures and many other things.

    Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings
    Book a Session: Russ

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