Maker How-Tos

Whether you are a new or returning user of Makespace tools and equipment, you will require resources to do it right. Browse this page to find our safety and self-study booklets as well as tutorials and software.

New Member Orienation
Metal Shop Orientation
Woodshop Orientation
3D Printers
  • Form2 3D Printer + Wash and Cure Station
  • Prusa i3 Mark3s 3D Printer (x2) with Prusa MMU2s
Slicer software to run the printers:
Self-Study Resources:
Free 3D Models:
Vinyl Cutter
  • Zing Vinyl Cutter
  • Silhouette Portrait Vinyl Cutter
Software to Run the Cutters:
Self-Study Resources:
Plasma Cutter

Torchmate 4×4 Plasma table

Software to use:
  • Vectric V-Carve
  • Talk to Makespace staff to get a free makerspace license for V-Carve
Self-Study Resources:
CNC Router

Pro 4848 4’x4’ CNC Router

Software to use:
  • Vectric V-Carve
  • Talk to Makespace staff to get a free makerspace license for V-Carve
Self-Study Resources:
Sewing Machines

Tippmann Boss Leather Stitcher

Wood Lathe

Laguna Revo 24/36 Wood Lathe

WEN 8″ by 12″ Mini Benchtop Lathe

Self-Study Resources:
Digital oscilloscope

Goldstar Oscilloscope 0S-7020a

Podcasting Studio

Record your own professional podcasts

Our community offers a variety of in-person support:
Learn from the Makers!

You are working on a project and need some help troubleshooting a problem? You did an orientation but you are not sure anymore how to set up an equipment? You are looking for tips in the wood shop or you are not sure how to plan your woodworking project? You want to brainstorm techniques and ideas? You want to validate the feasibility of your project at the makerspace?

Ask a Yukonstruct mentor at Makespace!

Our volunteer mentors can help you with everything from electronics to woodturning, whether you’re learning a new skill or just need to brush up.

Repair Café – Drop In

Repair Café Whitehorse has been helping fix broken stuff with monthly drop-in events at Yukonstruct since 2014. Broken toaster, vacuum cleaner or other small home appliance? Bring it in and see if it is fixable using soldering irons, multimeters and other tools. This easy introduction to electronics and small home appliance repair is a useful evening of DIY learning that you can literally take home.

About the team: Glenn Piwowar has been a registered Professional Engineer in the Yukon for more than 20 years and is a born-again proponent of the Maker’s 3Rs: “Repair, Re-purpose, Re-create”.

Michelle Clusiau is always making things; you will frequently find her trying new projects on the laser cutter and sharing her expertise with other Yukonstruct members.

This event is open to both Yukonstruct members and the public. We ask that people who aren’t members of Yukonstruct donate $5 to cover the cost of materials.