A shared space for Northern changemakers, innovators, and makers

Yukonstruct Society is a non-profit organization driven by a vibrant community of makers, entrepreneurs, creators, innovators, and leaders. Yukonstruct is proud to manage the first community innovation hub North of 60 in Canada, NorthLight Innovation. Yukonstruct is driven by its mandate to support Yukoners in bringing their ideas to life, through access to shared resources, space, and knowledge. To do this we run a shared coworking space, a makerspace and offer programming to help Yukon entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses.

At NorthLight Innovation, you’ll find a bright and vibrant co-working space where the coffee is always hot and the internet is fast! You’ll also find a full woodshop, metal shop, digital fabrication space, a hackerspace and so much more. We have the tools to help you bring anything you’re dreaming up to life. You’ll also find YukonU’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship team, and so many other partners and members. Come in for a tour, we’d love to have you join our community.


The Yukon’s Co-working Space. The meeting point for Yukon’s entrepreneurial community to work and collaborate. Whether you need a desk or an office, we provide the space you need and the community to flourish with.


The first makerspace north of 60. The place where the Yukon’s Maker Community comes together to learn, build and make things . . . happen.


We help early-stage entrepreneurs make waves in the Yukon and beyond. Our entrepreneurial support services connect you with information, resources, programs, events, and a vibrant and innovative community that will help take your ambitions to the next level!


Find support, inspiration, and community.

Join our community to connect with like-minded folks. Our Cospace community hosts a diverse group of professionals at all stages of their careers. Our community is lively, engaged, and supportive.

Make cool things, and learn new skills.

Our maker community boasts makers in all stages of skill development, making fertile ground for learning new skills and tackling projects from various vantage points. If you want to make things, this is the place for you.



Take your ideas to the next level.

Bring your ideas or business to us and let’s see how far they can go. Our entrepreneurial support services are here to help you explore and advance your ideas to make them a reality and to provide the tools you need to move forward with your potential.

Book a tour to see our spaces and feel your potential activated!


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Latest Posts

  • Nurturing Community Through Yukonstruct Values

    Nurturing Community Through Yukonstruct Values

    At the heart of Yukonstruct lies a deep commitment to nurturing a sense of community and belonging. We believe that within this community, we can co-create an organization that provides a welcoming, inclusive space for all Yukoners to bring their ideas to life. Our values, encapsulated in five core principles, guide us in building a…

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  • Rural Spotlight: Dennis And Jenny Shorty

    Rural Spotlight: Dennis And Jenny Shorty

    Dennis Shorty is a musician, master carver, artist, drummaker, and storyteller from Ross River. His journey into art began by observing his family’s carving traditions, evolving into a spiritual practice connecting him with his ancestors. Despite challenges faced during the Residential School years, Dennis is dedicated to revitalizing his cultural legacy. Dennis’s mission in life,…

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  • Meet the Maker: Cedrick Vinoya

    Meet the Maker: Cedrick Vinoya

    Cedrick initially joined Yukonstruct as an Operations Assistant and has since moved into the Social Media and Community Coordinator role. As a newcomer and former international student, Cedrick is working to start his community project called Beyond Borders Youth Network. This project aims to build a strong support system that transcends cultural barriers, serving as…

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