Get Involved

Volunteers make our community great!

With volunteers like you, our space continues to be a hub for learning, building, and developing – all while we have a lot of fun!

Our skill sharing based community fosters both personal and professional growth. We would love to support your interests and talents. Join our amazing volunteer community! There are a few different ways to get involved. You can become a community volunteer and help us with exciting projects, and you can also share your skills through mentoring and teaching.

Join our volunteer community

Joining our volunteer community will add your name to our email list of volunteers. You will receive invites to participate in community projects, volunteer with us for special events, or help us run programming.

What do you get out of volunteering?

  • valuable work experience
  • opportunities to develop skills and knowledge
  • opportunities to play a key role in the operation of the organization
  • access to tools, equipment and expertise
  • A chance to be part of a fun, energetic, creative community of awesome people
Ways to get involved:

Skill Sharing

Have a skill your interested in sharing? Through mentoring, trainings and workshops, members and the public can learn from you. Skill sharing helps us provide members with valuable support, and allows you to share your knowledge, passion and expertise.

Run a workshop

Many of our workshops are instructed by dedicated volunteers! This is an opportunity to pass on some skills and experience by teaching others how to complete a project.

We are always looking for skilled members who can facilitate programming in all areas, including:

  • Woodshop
  • Welding and metalsmithing
  • 3D Modelling

The perks:

  • Build your skills by teaching and training. You don’t really know something until you know how to teach it!
  • Get your standard monthly membership for only $5
  • Workshop instructors may also optionally be paid a $25/hr honourarium instead of receiving the volunteer discount

Interested? Fill out the Instructor Intake Questionnaire here or contact our Program Coordinator at

  • Soldering and Circuitry
  • Coding
  • Robotics

The commitment:

Workshops are typically 2-3 hours long and usually require some prep time. We usually schedule workshops on Monday and Tuesday evenings, when the Makespace is closed, but scheduling is flexible.


Run an orientation

We’re always looking for volunteers to run our safety orientations in the woodshop and metalshop as well as other areas of our space.

The perks:

  • Development of your facilitation skills
  • Giving back to the community by sharing your expertise and passion
  • Get your standard monthly membership for only $5

Interested? We’d love to hear from you! Find more information and fill out our trainer intake form here or contact us at

The commitment:

We are open to all commitment levels. Our trainers need to be willing to complete a minimum of one train the trainer session with our staff, and preferably be available to teach a minimum of one training or workshop per month. We typically have three safety orientations per month, and you’re required to facilitate one orientation per month to get your volunteer discount.


Become a mentor

Our mentors are an integral part of our community. They support our members in understanding how to use different equipment and tools, and provide one-on-one support for members who are working on projects. All you need is to have expertise in one area of the makerspace, whether that is in the woodshop, metalshop, the laser cutter, 3D printer, or any other area your passionate about where our members may need help.

The perks:

  • Build your skills by teaching and sharing
  • Get your standard monthly membership for only $5
  • Giving back to the community by helping new members build skills & finish projects

Interested? We’d love to hear from you! Find more information and fill out our mentor intake form here or contact us at

The commitment:

Becoming a mentor is a 6 hour per month commitment. Our mentors are available during Mentor night, which happens on the second Wednesday of every month, as well as additional social events or 1-on-1s. Mentors are expected to be a part of our community, so the first step is to become a member and join start using the Makespace!

Repair Cafe

Every month we run Repair Café, where members and the public are encouraged to bring in anything that needs repair — be it coffee machines, sewing machines, computers, coat racks, or Geiger counters — and our team of volunteers helps repair whatever comes through our doors and educate people on how they can do this themselves!

Anybody who has experience taking things apart and putting them back together is very helpful at Repair Café. Understanding basic electrical circuits and mechanical parts is a plus!

The perks:

  • Join our amazing community in their efforts to keep useful things from going to the dump
  • Experience the rewarding feeling of seeing somebody light up when their favourite item has been restored and their confidence to repair things has been increased
  • Learn useful tips and tricks from our other experienced volunteers

The commitment:

Repair Café runs on the last Thursday of every month from 6pm-9pm. Drop in and help out!

Want to be involved? Check our events calendar for the next Repair Café, which happens on the last Thursday of every month.

Thanks for taking the time to support our community!