The Yukon Story: Helping You to Persuade People to Choose Made-in-the-Yukon

Tue 15 Jun 2:00 pm


Tue 15 Jun 5:00 pm

Join John Glynn-Morris for an engaging workshop that will get into the how and why of place branding the Yukon.

About the workshop:

We set out to unearth the Yukon’s story – who we are and why people should choose here – to persuade people to choose us, for whatever reason. Whether they’re interested in tempting new talent, enticing tourists, attracting investors, convincing family and friends to come home, or helping customers buy Yukon products, the answers to “Why Yukon?” are meant to be here.

When potential customers ask “Why Yukon?”, what can you say in those pivotal moments to persuade them that what you are offering is right for them?

That’s where place brand and story come in, and we’ve designed a complimentary three-hour workshop aimed at arming entrepreneurs with practical tools that we hope will sharpen your ability to persuade people to choose you.

When we started dreaming of ways to translate the story into a powerful place brand, we did it with you in mind.  Our mission is to help you identify what is uniquely ‘Yukon’ about what you do, and how you can powerfully communicate this to uplift your brand and marketing efforts. You’ll also get to connect with like-minded people, and tell your brand story through the lens of the Yukon Story.

In the workshop, you will:

  • Learn about how the Yukon Story came to life, and how a new strategy might underpin a place brand that benefits all Yukoners
  • Practice crafting and telling specific stories that are rooted in the brand and purpose-built for persuading others of our best qualities
  • Strategize and brainstorm on story-based tools and tactics that our entrepreneur community might create together

This workshop is offered for free.

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