Introduction to AutoCAD Part 1

Mon 15 Jan 7:00 pm


Mon 15 Jan 9:00 pm

Please note: This course takes place over two consecutive evenings. 

This workshop will provide you with a basic introduction to AutoCAD (2D only) – no prior knowledge of AutoCAD or any computer-aided design software is required.

By the end of this four hour session, 2 consecutive evenings of 2 hours each, you will be able to use basic commands to draw shapes and lines, modify them, add annotations and dimensions to drawings and use AutoCAD in a practical way for any DIY project.

What to bring: Notepad with pencil and patience. Coffee is on us!

Instructor: Luc Pinard, Works at welding/fabrication shop in Whitehorse, Mechanical engineer technologist, 3 year Yukon resident, DIY enthusiast, Woodworker and Nice guy!

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