How to Voice a Script

Sat 14 Nov 1:00 pm


Sat 14 Nov 4:00 pm
Turn text into an awesome sound with your own voice!​ From voicemail greetings to radio ads, from home to the screen or station, this workshop will give the full low-down on how to make something on paper sound good.
This workshop will include

  • what is “voicing”?
  • the categories of scripts that need voicing
  • how to approach and interpret a script
  • how to time a script
  • some microphone technique
  • how voicing a script fits into different production processes in different industries (radio, video games, television, telephony, public speaking, e-learning, etc)
  • the essentials of working with sound recording & sound editing software to deliver “ready for production” audio
  • techniques for crafting & improving your voiced delivery of the script
  • sample scripts for practice and exercises

This workshop is for anyone interested in voicing radio commercials, public service announcements, radio station IDs, telephone greetings & menus, ​e-learning narration, presentation text, and other text that needs voicing.  There are several potential opportunities to use this ability, including some volunteer-run radio stations in the Yukon, as well on-line (Internet-based) voice marketplaces, and call center menu trees.

 ​Instructor: ​RP Singh has been voicing in English and French for over 10 years in the Yukon and internationally. RP’s voice has been heard on nearly every radio station in the Yukon and on telephone menus for local businesses and first nations government.
Number of Participants: Min 5, Max 12

Price: $10 for members, $15 for non-members        ** Please bring your favourite pair of earbuds or headphones to this session.

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