Entrepreneur Meet-Up: Breaking the Burnout Cycle

Thu 23 Mar 5:00 pm


Thu 23 Mar 7:00 pm
This workshop is to gain insight how moving towards being burnt out could impact your business while networking with other entrepreneurs.

We will be dispelling some burnout myths, building awareness of burnout contributors and taking actionable steps planning your “Steady Pulse” practice, so you can sustain your energy focusing on your business while connecting with other entrepreneurs in the community.

About your speaker:

Susanne is an Executive Leadership coach for teams and individuals as well as a facilitator, with extensive experience leading teams in government, supporting entrepreneurs as well as organizations through change.

In her coaching practice, she uses neuroscience and the process of neuroplasticity to empower her clients by helping them understand how the brain is driving behaviours and how behaviours are impacting relationships with the goal to improve business objectives and outcomes.

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