Create Your Own Personal Business Cards with Maya Rosenberg **CANCELLED**

Fri 2 Nov 4:00 pm


Fri 2 Nov 6:00 pm

At this workshops we’ll make business cards, while focusing on color theory and complementary colors in particular, to create visual appealing personalized customized cards, that fit individuals and their business.
Maya will demonstrate tools and techniques and help individuals customize their cards to their business/personal style.

Customized artworks ~ Business growth through art ~ Have fun for work – Play with colors

Professional artist Maya Rosenberg will teach the basics of color theory, complementary colors, contrast, and “clean” vs “messy and colorful” benefits of visual designs, as well as their impact on our brain and brand to represent our business authentically, match each individual style, and attract our targeted audience. Maya will lead and instruct, step by step, how to create our own designs with colors in acrylics paint, with tricks and techniques to get the effects we want. At the end of the workshop, each participant will have a finished design to print business cards from.

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