Be Your Own Boss: How Do I Know I Have a Good Business Idea?

Wed 23 Mar 6:00 pm


Wed 23 Mar 9:00 pm

Coming up with a business idea is easy. Coming up with a good idea – that’s the challenge.

Ideas require refining to ensure they have what it takes to be a money-making business. This is the first step of your business, and skipping it can lead to a loss of time, energy, and money.

When it comes to turning your hobby, interest, or passion into a business, you want to find the perfect idea that will be exactly what your customers are looking for and that stands out from what’s already out there in the market.

This hands-on workshop will help you refine your business idea strategically and in a way that cuts through the overwhelm of getting clear on what you have to offer. You’ll walk away with your value proposition and an understanding of how your idea can stand out among competitors.

Cost: $20

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