Get Involved

How to Get Involved

There are many ways to connect with our community. If you’d like to share your expertise, offer a workshop, or meaningfully engage with us and our community – we would love to hear from you! Below are some examples of how you can make the most of the organization and community.

Lunch & Learn

Lunch and Learns are a great way to share something cool you are working on, educate the community about a cause or initiative, or share some practical skills and knowledge with an engaged and curious community. Our Lunch and Learns are free of charge, open to the public, and take place from 12 – 1 pm in person or online.

What we do:
  • Create promotional materials
  • Provide the physical and online space
  • Create and manage registration
  • Promote the event on social media, our website, newsletter, in our space
What you do:
  • You develop the presentation and content you intend to present
  • Provide a photo, a short synopsis of what your presentation will cover, a suggested title, and a brief bio
  • If you require tech, arrive 30 mins before your presentation to get set up

Community-Led Clubs and Events

For the community, by the community

Our community is full of interesting people with amazing ideas. We want to make it as easy as possible for our members to connect, share their ideas, and explore their interests in ways that work for them. Whether you want to start a running club, a tech club, a women’s club, or whatever you want, we are here to help make your club or event run smoothly.

What we do:
  • Offer rental space for free
  • Help promote it to community through our member specific channels
  • Provide snack, drinks, materials
  • Other support as needed
What you do:
  • Collect your club members
  • Send us your space requirements
  • Let us know how we can help you
  • Assist with tech requirements

Members of the NorthLight community gather once a month for a lively discussion about the selected book.

Members of the Yukonstruct community meet for 15 minutes once a week to play a couple fun games to break up their day and invigorate their minds.

Yukonstruct Members organize and run a market twice a year where they sell their handcrafted, and innovative products.

If you are interested in offering a workshop through Yukonstruct, please reach out and a team member will be in touch with you.


Workshops are a great way to share your expertise, skills, and/or services with the community. What makes workshops different from Lunch and Learns:

  •  Can be offered free, or at a charge
  • The timing can be flexible
  • Can be offered in-person, or online
Entrepreneur Speaker Series

Powered by Marg and Rolf Hougen

Our Entrepreneur Speaker Series, powered by Marg and Rolf Hougen, is an opportunity to share your hard-won start up successes and laugh out loud blunders. Sharing your story to inspire up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and to help create awareness about your brand.

What we do: 
  • Create promotional materials
  • Promote the event
  • Connect entrepreneur with interviewer
  • Provide space
  • Provide all technical support
  • Provide snacks and refreshments
What you do:
  • Attend pre-interview
  • Show up ready to share your story
  • Share the promotional materials with your network

Member Spotlight

We are inspired by our members, and know that others would be too, if they only knew what they were up to! Featuring a member, or their work, is one of the ways we get to share all of the interesting people and work that thrive in this community!

Rivers To Ridges team, Wren Nicolardi, Rosalind Crump, Emily Payne share their story and passion for outdoor education.

Scott Keesey, of DiscoVelo, shares his work and what motivates him.

Esther Bordet shares her journey from geology, to illustration, to graphic recording.

If you want the spotlight on you, please reach out and we will connect you with a team member who will be thrilled to help!


Volunteering with the organization is a great way to make connections in the community, help the space run smoothly, and accrue volunteer credits that you can put towards your membership.

Our dedicated volunteers help with recycling, watch the front desk, and much more.

If you would like to give back to the community, get in touch to find out how!