Joshua Callahan

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Josh first joined Yukonstruct in 2018 during the grand opening week of our 2nd Avenue location. The energy and welcome that he experienced were exceptional, and the sense of community that was present inspired and motivated him to eventually start his own company in 2020. Yukonstruct is a primary stakeholder for OUTFRNT Inc. As members go through similar journeys as Josh, he and his team find themselves supporting transitions post-Yukonstruct as they scale and grow. As such, Josh’s professional work is influenced and impacted by Yukonstruct’s programming and services.

As an active member of Yukonstruct’s board, Josh would like to influence and advise on strategies that create further independence and financial autonomy for the organization, promote the current ESG activities that are happening day to day, position the organization as a leader in the ESG space in the North, and participate in the nomination committee to ensure organizational succession plans are in place. Ultimately, he is looking to express his gratitude to Yukonstruct through impactful governance and oversight.