Meet the Maker: Cindy Ngo

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Cindy is originally from Yellowknife, NT, and is currently a student at Yukon University. She is passionate about mental health advocacy, climate and social justice, learning and cooking new foods, and is looking forward to learning laser cutting. She joined Yukonstruct last year, and left for a few months to focus on studying Early Learning and Child Care at Yukon University. Now, she’s back!

What do you like most about Yukonstruct being up and running?

This is probably a common answer from most people, but the community and culture that comes out of Yukonstruct is one of a kind. We truly value putting people first and supporting the community, both within our members and the broader community. Even if I am not working, I can usually be found wandering around the building. That’s what happens when there is a sense of community; people love to stick around!

What do you want to build at Yukonstruct?

A long time goal of mine has been to learn to use a sewing machine. I was given one from Victoria, our former Creative Communications Director and have made a tote bag and pillow case from our workshops. My confidence in this area is still a work in progress, but I would love to make my own clothing one day. Another goal of mine is to learn the laser cutter. I’d like to make a jewelry holder.

What inspires you to make things?

Learning new things is usually challenging, but that’s what I’m looking for sometimes. A good challenge and learning opportunity! Also, for things like making my own clothing, that is a goal of mine because I try my best to do my part in creating a more sustainable future. Call me a hippie or whatever, but if there’s a chance that I can fix it, I will definitely try before tossing something out!

Thanks for sharing these, Cindy!