Meet the Maker: Orlan Lumantao

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Orlan began his journey as an Operations Assistant, finding immense satisfaction in all aspects of the job. He found particular joy in leading tours and orientations for new members. His commitment and strong work ethic paved the way for a new opportunity at Yukonstruct, stepping into the role of Bookings and Admin Coordinator. As he gears up to take on this new responsibility, he looks forward to building stronger bonds with the team and members, and continuing his personal and professional development.

Why did you join Yukonstruct?

I first learned about Yukonstruct through Cedrick, who informed me about their search for an Operations Assistant. Intrigued by the opportunity, I promptly submitted my application. Over the past decade, I have been immersed in a different field. Although my past experiences have significantly contributed to my personal and professional development, I started to feel a lack of fulfillment towards the end of my time there. I’m driven by a strong ambition to evolve on both a professional and personal level, and I’m convinced that collaborating with a diverse team at Yukonstruct will help me achieve this goal.

What do you like most about Yukonstruct being up and running?

Yukonstruct serves not only as a community hub but also as a catalyst for learning and development. It fosters the creation and strengthening of businesses, while connecting individuals who share similar passions, facilitating new relationships that often evolve into lasting friendships.

What inspires you to make things?

I find inspiration in receiving feedback, no matter its form. I value hearing others’ ideas and thoughts as they help me refine my own thinking and approach critically. This feedback motivates me to push myself further and seek continuous learning in the areas that matter to me. I deeply respect people’s perspectives and believe they should be acknowledged and respected, provided they do not compromise anyone’s integrity or values.

When you aren’t making things, what other interests take up your time?

While I don’t consider myself much of a creator, I thoroughly enjoy engaging in physical activities. Camping, hiking, canoeing or kayaking, and playing volleyball are my passions. These activities not only rejuvenate me but also bring immense joy and fun into my life, making me feel youthful and alive.

Why should people become Yukonstruct members?

Rather than persuading people to become members, I prefer to highlight what they might miss out on. At Yukonstruct, we offer a space where individuals can connect and foster relationships. Here, you not only cultivate personal growth but also contribute to making others’ dreams a reality. Together, we can achieve each goal with mutual support and a reliable network. Ultimately, connections are essential for personal development and reaching our fullest potential.

Thanks for sharing these, Orlan!