Women Investors & Entrepreneurs Day 2024 – Recap

In February and March, we partnered with the National Angel Capital Organization (NACO) to deliver workshops and roundtables on business financing and angel investment for women entrepreneurs. Thank you to all the women (and a few kids and babies) who shared experiences, knowledge, frustrations and ideas for a stronger financial foundation and empowerment in women-led businesses in the Yukon.

The workshops held in Whitehorse and the communities of Mayo, Teslin, and Haines Junction served as a platform for conversations and invaluable insights. The “What We Heard” graphic recording showcases the essence of these discussions, focusing on the aspirations, challenges, and priorities of Yukon women entrepreneurs.

Please meet a small sampling of the incredible women starting and operating businesses across the Yukon. You can support local entrepreneurs by following them on social media, liking and sharing posts, buying local and recommending local.

Yukon women entrepreneurs see themselves as the backbone of the family and the community. There is a growing interest in learning from and working with Angel Investors. The Yukon is an open opportunity, but the model has to be innovative to fit the needs of the North.