Recap: NorthwesTel’s March Break Kids Camp at Yukonstruct

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In March, our March Break Kids Camp, sponsored by NorthwesTel, sparked creativity in seven young innovators. They explored Yukonstruct Makespace’s key areas – woodshop, metal shop, digital fabrication, and textiles – gaining hands-on experience. Each project built confidence and skills in a supportive, fun environment.

We started by crafting skateboards from veneers using SK8CAD under Jeramy’s guidance. With the CNC Router, we shaped the boards, and then refined them with bandsaws and sanders. Campers turned vector files into stencil designs for laser-cutting, adding personal touches with spray paint and brushes. Despite challenges, we persisted, resulting in each camper proudly holding their unique skateboard, a testament to perseverance and the joy of creation.

Expanding beyond the ramps, we delved into 3D printing using Tinkercad and Meshroom. Campers explored various print files and even crafted their own digital designs. Though time constraints prevented metal casting, campers left with 3D-printed artworks, eager for future adventures in lost-PLA casting.

Campers turned into rocket scientists, creating CO2-powered rocket sleds. With eggs onboard, they raced down a cable track, aiming for distance and intact landings. Despite initial mishaps, this hands-on experiment taught valuable lessons in prototyping and testing, proving that innovation often requires trial and error.

The fun continued as we explored fingerboards, miniaturizing the skateboarding world. Jeramy used SK8CAD to design molds, which we printed with 3D printers. Campers then built a mini skate park using various materials, learning about design precision. Despite their size, these fingerboards provided a big learning experience and even more fun!

Donning welding masks, we forged stainless steel roses, shaping petals and leaves with CNC Plasma cutting. Using pliers, hammers, and anvils, we molded metal to our liking. The roses were then heated with a torch, showcasing a colorful spectrum through light refraction on the oxide layer of stainless steel.

Our camp was a hub of invention where children’s imaginations flourished. They built tiny forts from popsicle sticks and explored hydraulic machines, catapults, acrylic paint pours, and tie-dyed aprons. And of course, slime and clay were big hits, showcasing children’s boundless creativity when innovation and fun collide.

As our camp concludes, we’re grateful for the incredible journey of learning and laughter with the boundless potential of young minds. A big thanks to NorthwesTel for their unwavering support in empowering youth. Your dedication has been vital to our exploration and innovation. Thank you for helping us realize our creative dreams!

Until our next adventure, keep curiosity alive and creativity burning bright! Interested in our upcoming summer camp? Email us at Stay tuned for more details!