Meet the Maker: Tong Shao

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Tong relocated from Kitchener-Waterloo to Whitehorse, where her friend, a fellow Yukonstruct member, introduced her to Northlight Innovations. She was impressed by the space’s functionality and the friendliness of the people she encountered. She found working with and serving entrepreneurs and innovators to be a rewarding career, which motivated her to join Yukonstruct.

What did you like to make?

There are many projects in my mind, but the one I most want to bring to life is making surfboards.

What do you like most about Yukonstruct being up and running?

My favorite is Repair Cafe. Rescuing objects that have been damaged is sometimes like embarking on an anticipatory journey. The relit lamp, and the replayed keyboard, each feel like a pleasantly surprising destination. Although not every item can be fixed, it’s still a ceremonious farewell.

What would you like to share with entrepreneurs and makers?

Never give up seeking possibilities. Yukonstruct is a safe place where people will always respect you, support you, and celebrate your failures with you.

Thanks for sharing these, Tong!