Meet the Maker: Cedrick Vinoya

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Cedrick initially joined Yukonstruct as an Operations Assistant and has since moved into the Social Media and Community Coordinator role. As a newcomer and former international student, Cedrick is working to start his community project called Beyond Borders Youth Network. This project aims to build a strong support system that transcends cultural barriers, serving as a foundation for unity and embracing diversity among youth in the Yukon.

Why did you join Yukonstruct?

I came to Canada as a student so I was looking for meaningful connections and opportunities for personal and professional growth. That’s when I came across an exciting opportunity at Yukonstruct. The vibrant innovative atmosphere here resonated with me, and it fueled my enthusiasm to contribute more to this community. (This sounded like I was giving a pitch for Yukonstruct. Well, I work in marketing so…)

What do you like most about Yukonstruct being up and running?

Yukonstruct holds a special place in my heart because it upholds a culture where staff members are cherished just as much as the valued community of members. The organization embraces equality, ensuring that each individual is treated with the same level of respect and consideration. During my international student era, Yukonstruct went above and beyond in accommodating my needs, offering unwavering support for my decisions, even when they impacted my shift availability. (I love y’all!)

Why should people become YuKonstruct members?

Entering Yukonstruct is like stepping into a different dimension of undiscovered possibilities within the walls of a large rectangular building. Here, the atmosphere is charged with knowledge and opportunities waiting to be explored. It might sound a bit cheesy, but sometimes, the most transformative experiences are born in spaces that hold the promise of the unknown. (Yes, that was cheesy… but TRUE!)

What do you like to make?

I like to write… I’m not a good writer, considering English is not my first language. Writing gives me freedom and a platform to express myself. I made a website for my blogs: I don’t have much time to write these days, but I’ll get it updated someday.

What do you want to build at Yukonstruct?

I’m not skilled in building things, but I love breaking them apart!!! (Ask my colleagues about all the trouble I got involved with for “accidentally” breaking stuff). Work-related, I like building connections within the community and creating marketing content, which you’ll see on our social media channels once in a while.

What are you working on now?

Recognizing the challenges faced by fellow immigrants, especially international students, I created Beyond Borders Youth Network. My community project provides an essential support system and access to different resources through events, networking, and building connections, fostering a culturally diverse and socially impactful environment. It’s a new project, but I made an Instagram account already called Beyond Borders Youth Network.

When you aren’t making things, what other interests take up your time?

Embracing spontaneity and adventure is my forte! I consider myself a versatile individual, open to a lot of experiences. Whether it’s hitting the gym, embarking on road trips, enjoying picnics, indulging in shopping sprees, exploring new destinations, going hiking, attending sleepovers, or savoring a delightful dinner – you name it, and I’m up for it! Beyond these, you might catch me dedicating time to my part-time job, working on my community project, or simply at home learning Spanish.

Thank you for sharing these, Cedrick! (And yes, this is Cedrick talking to himself and writing this blog post!)

I added my intrusive thoughts in this blog post, find them!