Yukonstruct at the 2023 Fireweed Market: Fostering Community Creativity and Entrepreneurship

In the summer of 2023, Yukonstruct started a new initiative hosting a booth at the Fireweed Market in Whitehorse. This is a noteworthy milestone in the organization’s journey of community engagement and commitment to entrepreneurship and innovation. The annual summer market has traditionally served as a gathering point for farmers, artisans, creators, and entrepreneurs in the Yukon. For Yukonstruct, it was an opportunity to introduce ourselves and showcase Yukonstruct’s thriving community of makers, entrepreneurs, and innovators.

For four markets, Yukonstruct members embarked on a transformative journey of growth and learning, while achieving impressive sales. The 2023 Fireweed Market, held at Shipyards Park in downtown Whitehorse, set the stage for members to shine, celebrate their creativity, and engage with the community.

“I think [Yukonstruct] is an amazing facility/family and does an incredible job supporting our community!”
Cate Robertson

Yukonstruct’s objective was to establish a stronger presence within the Whitehorse community and showcase the variety of resources that Yukonstruct offers. Yukonstruct’s participation in the Fireweed Market underscored our commitment to providing a platform for members, regardless of whether they have established businesses or just starting. By presenting their work publicly, members had the opportunity to attract customers and build valuable connections, enriching both their personal and professional lives. These experiences deepened their understanding of their target market and honed their marketing skills, making them more adaptable and ready for future success.

Yukonstruct has always been more than just a physical space; it’s a nurturing community that catalyzes creativity, supports innovation, and empowers individuals to transform their passions into sustainable businesses. Events like the Fireweed Market serve as a testament to the organization’s unwavering commitment to its members and its dedication to promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Looking forward, Yukonstruct will remain steadfast in its mission to foster creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship in the Yukon. As Yukonstruct approaches its 10th anniversary in 2024, the journey will have only just begun, and the future gleams with possibility.

The knowledge gained, the relationships created, and the artistic accomplishments all contribute to the overall success of this project. This achievement emphasizes the importance of community involvement and the potential for win-win outcomes when organizations like Yukonstruct actively participate in local events. 

We want to extend our gratitude to the talented entrepreneurs and creators who have joined Yukonstruct at the market, including KsakDesigns by Douglas Sakamoto, Oasis Creations YT by Cole Parsons, Mawa by Esa Suominen, Cosmic Phantasmagoria by Robin Bishop, and Cate’s Yukon Creation by Cate Robertson. Your passion, dedication, and unique contributions have not only enriched our collective creative journey but have also made our community stronger and more vibrant. Thank you for sharing your talents and being an integral part of our ever-growing family of makers and innovators.

We look forward to continuing to support and celebrate your success in the days to come.