Ratan’s Journey To Permanent Residency

Ratan Singh is an Operations Assistant at Yukonstruct since July 2021 and he just got his Permanent Residency Status early this year! He was from India and came here to Canada as an international student in September 2019. He was enrolled in the Science Diploma Program, but during his time at the university, he grew interested in Multimedia. He decided to change his 2-year diploma program to a 1-year certificate program. After completing his Certificate in Science, he then continued to study Multimedia for another year.

Could you share your experience as an international student in Canada?

It was a nice experience for me so far because I have my sister with me. I already had a strong support system starting from the day that she picked me up at the airport. She helped me find a home, be comfortable at school, and adjust quickly at work. Not being alone and having somebody with me all the time helped me a lot.

What challenges did you face during your studies?

Adjusting to the timezone was the hardest challenge that I encountered in Canada when I first arrived. There is a 12-hour difference between Yukon and India, and it made it hard to keep me awake during the day because my body felt like it was nighttime. I also had a fixed 9 am to 3 pm schedule of class in India, so it was a bit hard for me to adjust to the university schedule plus managing a part-time work schedule at the same time. During my 2nd semester, COVID-19 hit, and it was another challenge for me as everything went online.

How did Yukonstruct contribute to your integration into the Canadian workforce and community?

Since I was under a nomination program, I needed to stay 5 days a week at a different company.  However, I needed to have a 2nd job to be able to survive my expenses. That was when I started looking for a job and I found Yukonstruct. Even if I only had a limited amount of availability, Yukonstruct still hired me, and their flexibility to meet my needs, especially my schedule are highly appreciated. Yukonstruct also helped me to improve my skills from Customer Service to Woodworking, so I strongly felt the support of the members and staff.

    Looking back at your journey, what were the most significant milestones or turning points? 

    One turning point was when I decided to switch to a Multimedia program. Because of the pandemic, Yukon University stopped teaching Multimedia courses right when I was supposed to start the semester. With that, I am thankful for the Multimedia faculty, especially to Jon Gelinas who helped me figure out how to finish my program on time by opening up some courses for me and taking some of the courses from another university.

    What advice would you give to other international students or individuals seeking Permanent Resident status in Canada?

    For students who want to come to Canada for a 2-year Diploma program like me, you don’t need to rush things as you’ll have enough time to find a proper job that will nominate you for permanent residency. I’ll also say that you don’t have to stick to a working environment that you don’t want to be a part of just because you need them for your nomination. I felt like I needed to say this because I did it during my first year and it caused a lot of burnouts. You have enough time to find the right job where you can stick for a longer period.

    Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience or Yukonstruct’s involvement?

    Because of Yukonstruct, I can help my family back home. During the pandemic, they had a bad financial condition in India, and doing one job was not enough for me. So their flexibility helped me on this journey.

    In conclusion, what does receiving your Permanent Residency approval mean to you?

    Having my permanent residency means that I have more opportunities that I can pursue now! One interest that I have in mind is to be enrolled in another program related to animation, which I am interested in. I no longer need to pay international tuition fees now so it will be more affordable for me. It also brings the possibility of my parents going here to show them around and enjoy a Canadian experience.

    How do you envision your future in Canada now that you have obtained Permanent Residency status?

    I’m still making plans for what I want to do next. I want to save enough money to study again. Also, I feel like I need to move out of the Yukon if I want to do another program related to animation. But, I like the Yukon and I would love to come back again in the future to look for opportunity that suits my interests and passion.

    Thanks for sharing, Ratan! You are truly an inspiration!