Introducing Our New Board of Directors!

We couldn’t be more delighted to share the exciting news following our successful AGM 2023 on June 28th. We are grateful to the dedicated individuals who will serve on the Yukonstruct Board of Directors. Your dedication to Yukonstruct and desire to share your skills and passion are truly appreciated.

“On behalf of the members, we would like to welcome new members to the Board of Directors. This is a volunteer job that is very important because it sets the direction of the organization and ensures that we are financially sustainable.

We are grateful to every member that nominated themselves for a Board position. We ended up having more interest than positions which is good from a competition point of view, but of course, it means that not everyone gets elected. For those who weren’t elected, thank you for believing in the organization and we hope to work with you (and anyone else) to contribute to this amazing organization.

Our policy has rotating two-year terms to ensure continuity. Thank you to returning directors: Lana Welchman (Secretary), Steve Sorochan (Director), and Jeff Wong (Director). Welcome back to Norman McIntyre (Treasurer), Ashley Cummings, and Tony Zedda (Director). And a special welcome to our newest Board members Jacqueline Moore (VP), Michelle Eshpeter, Joshua Callahan, and Hector Garcia.

Our first board meeting is later in August, stay tuned for a longer note from the new board then!

In the meantime, thank you for your ongoing belief, contribution, and support of our organization. And have a wonderful summer!”

-John Glynn-Morris (President)

Antonio Zedda (Returning)


Antonio Zedda has over 25 years of experience planning, designing, and developing buildings across Canada’s North. He is a partner in the Whitehorse, Yukon-based design and planning firm of Kobayashi + Zedda. He has been the principal in charge of numerous government and private sector-led multi-family residential, educational, cultural, and commercial building projects.

Ashley Cummings


Ashley lived in Whitehorse for the past 8 years and has found such a lovely home in the maker community. She spends a lot of her time painting, making good food, and hanging out with excellent humans. Working in the philanthropic field now, She found herself growing even more skills that could benefit the circles she finds herself in.

Hector Garcia


With an almost 20-year stint in the software development industry, Hector had the privilege of working across the USA, Canada, Mexico, and Puerto Rico. Along this journey, He had the incredible opportunity to contribute and learn through diverse sectors including insurance, telecommunications, banking, and education.

Currently, He’s captivated by the charm of the Yukon, which has been his home for the past two years. During this time, He’s been collaborating with the promising startup, Apprendo. It’s been an exciting adventure, and He’s eagerly looking forward to what lies ahead!

Jacqueline Moore

Vice President

Jacqueline was born and raised in Whitehorse and is a member of the Tahltan Nation. She brings to the team strong financial, program, and organizational skills, along with a passion for Youth, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Jacqueline joined the Yukonstruct board to be part of a community that contributes to a platform that fosters and creates unique collaborative and artistic experiences. She also looks forward to networking and collaborating with creators, dreamers, and innovators alike.

Joshua Callahan


Joshua Callahan is a Partner and Lead Advisor at OUTFRNT Inc, a Business Development Agency located in Whitehorse, Yukon. Mr. Callahan works with business leaders who are in the start-up and scale-up phases, providing business coaching and advisory services. He helps them achieve significant growth, access new markets, and set up foundational systems for operational excellence. He has worked with a diverse and inclusive group of Founders and CEOs in several industries, including agriculture, tourism, retail and consumer goods, fashion, energy, health, and professional services.

He brings significant strength in leadership and team development, KPIs, policy and procedure development, funding strategies, and fiscal management.

Michelle Eshpeter


She is an entrepreneur, engineer, and adventurer. She has had businesses in travel, leisure, fitness, education, and consulting. She loves working with the business community as an Innovation & Strategy Consultant and commercial banker. She adores entrepreneurs and would be delighted to take on a role that further supports this wonderful community.

In her leisure time, she enjoys creating, backcountry stand-up paddleboarding adventures, working on ski tricks, playing basketball, and traveling with her family.

Norman McIntyre


Norman is an Accountant and Partner with Crowe Mackay LLP, a Western Canadian accounting firm.

Norman’s background is in First Nation Government fiscal relations and the taxation of family-owned businesses. Norman has also been involved in small northern businesses as a shareholder.

Every Board member brings a unique set of experiences, perspectives, and expertise that will surely push us toward greater success. Once again, thank you, and congratulations to our new Board of Directors!

Current Board of Directors