Meet the Maker: Robin Bishop

Robin has been a member of Yukonstruct since she moved to the Yukon in May of 2022. Robin’s creative project, Cosmic Phantasmagoria, describes her artistic journey of exploring consciousness. She is inspired by nature, science, and spirit— this precious experience of being. Hand-painted button pins, paintings, and crochet works are what she is currently bringing to life and will be available at the Fireweed Market soon!

How has being a part of this organization influenced your work?

Being part of Yukonstruct has greatly influenced my work and myself as a person. Every single person in this space comes with such unique experiences, backgrounds, knowledge, interests, and pursuits… It is a constant excitement and inspiration connecting within the Yukonstruct community, and there is so much support for each other’s passions!

What are your goals as a maker, and how do you plan to achieve them?

My goal as a maker is to always remain connected to this exploration of being; engaging with the creative process as a guide to help me integrate experiences, grow as a person, and share the ineffable with others.

What other interests take up your time when you aren’t making things?

When I’m not making things, I am busy meeting mushrooms in the forest, dancing, or keeping up with the latest research in computational neuroscience.

Thanks for sharing these, Robin!