Meet the Maker: Douglas Sakamoto

Douglas is an enthusiastic member, who moved to the Yukon about a year and a half ago and heard about Yukonstruct from friends. He got interested in Yukonstruct because he had some woodworking projects that he was saving to do once winter rolled around, and once he started going, he never stopped using the space. Douglas will be selling his pizza peels, perfect for all the pizza lovers out there. He started making pizza peels as a gift, and he shared his creations during our Maker Meetup: Show & Tell. Now, he’s ready to sell it at the Fireweed Market!

What inspired you to become a maker, and how did you get started?

I’ve always been a maker. I grew up around people that worked with metals, machines, and wood. I’ve also always had a passion for how things work. My professional career ended up behind a desk in engineering and technology, and being a maker is how I can express myself with my hands.

Can you describe your creative process, from idea to finished product?

It’s the quiet times. I’ve had several puzzling challenges making the pizza peels, and its usually when I am out for a walk in the woods that I figure it out.

Who are your biggest influences or inspirations in your work?

I’m inspired by the other folks working away at Yukonstruct. I’m amazed at what people do, and the skills they have.

What advice would you give to someone just starting out as a maker?

This ties into the previous answer. Those same people are always welcoming to being asked for advice, or help. But you have to ask!

Finally, when you aren’t making things, what other interests take up your time?

Its the Yukon, so I’m out and about as much as possible!

Follow Douglas on his Instagram account @ksakdesigns. Thanks for sharing these, Doug!