Meet the Maker: Amy-Rose Kemble

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Introducing Amy-Rose, our Bookings and Administrative Coordinator!

What’s your role at Yukonstruct?

I am the Bookings and Administrative Coordinator and I absolutely love it! It’s like this role was literally made for me.

What do you like to make?

I love painting! Acrylic mostly but I am eager to learn more about watercolor. I have commissioned a few pieces and it is a bit daunting but also very rewarding.

What advice do you have for other makers in the Yukon?

Just do it! Starting it is often the hardest part because of self-doubt and anxiety, but once you get past that part you are golden! Also, there is no wrong way to create something (provided equipment is being used properly and safely). Just get started! You got this!

Thanks for sharing these, Amy-Rose!