Meet the Maker: Aman Bhutani

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We are pleased to share our Meet the Maker with Aman, who joined us a few months ago!

Tell us a bit about yourself, Aman!

I moved to the Yukon from Northern BC in December, 2021, to enjoy the land of midnight sun and all THE Yukon has to offer. I am currently finishing my Bachelor’s from Thompson Rivers University, majoring in Psychology. I am passionate about understanding addictions, forensic psychology and weirdly a lot about investing and trading. I also have a strong entrepreneurial mindset. 

Besides work and projects, I love to be outdoorsy, make new friends, learn new cultures, playing badminton, swimming, spikeball, billiards, and camping. 

In the near future, I see myself finishing my Master’s in Social Services and providing support to as many folks as I can. 

I am happy to share knowledge and chat about investing and trading if that interests you too! Knowledge only increases by sharing! 🙂

What’s your role at Yukonstruct?

I started working with YKST as Operations Assistant (OA). 

How did you get involved with Yukonstruct?

I was always keen about this place; I used to search for services being offered in this beautiful facility. 3D printers are one of the tools always in my mind. Being able to use such amazing tools in everyday life is a true blessing. 

What do you like most about Yukonstruct?

I love the vibe, the curiosity to learn and become creative, the inclusivity, and the support from everyone. YKST is one of the places by which I made plans to stick around in YT. 

Do you remember the first thing you made that you felt proud of?

I made a wine box with Yukon Wines! 🙂

When you aren’t making things, what other interests take up your time?

Besides YKST, you’ll find me mostly at the CGC, playing badminton, swimming, water polo, or any games happening around. 

In the morning, I usually hide in my home office, doing research using technical analysis and checking how the market and economy is doing.

In the evening, I will be working towards getting my University work done. 

What do you like the most in the space? Why?

The Super Friendly and supportive members and staff. I have asked the same questions a thousand times and never been refused lol!

Thanks for sharing, Aman!