Meet the makers: Adam White

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Meet the makers is a series of interviews to help you get to know the people who are building our community. Adam White is our new Events and Social Media Coordinator.

What’s your role at Yukonstruct? 

 I am the new Events & Social Media Coordinator. Having moved all over the place for years, I am very much looking forward to setting down some roots in The Yukon and being part of this fantastic and innovative community.

Why did you join Yukonstruct?

 Being new to Whitehorse, I really wanted to find a way to navigate my new home and find people like me. Yukonstruct seems to be a one stop shop for the makers and artists of this eclectic community. It’s a fantastic place to meet professionals of every ilk. The openness of the members gives everyone the opportunity to expand their creative horizons and make collaborations a part of the everyday. 

What do you like to make?

I am predominantly a musician and have been lucky enough to have music take me all over the world and connect me with the most amazing people. Though I am mostly a drummer/percussionist, I also play guitar and have done my share of songwriting. For me, the best part of music making is the magic of collaboration. It’s finding those people that can finish your musical sentences without having to discuss what’s next. Improvisation and just winging it with other musicians is my happy place. I also dabble in photography, writing and other forms of sound creation.

What has been your favourite project so far?

Touring Europe with my previous band Mauno was a dream come true. We got to support one of my favourite Canadian artists, Chad VanGaalen, all around Europe and Western Canada. This gave us the opportunity to play bigger shows than we were used to and connected us with loads of people that may not have heard of us otherwise. We went on to develop a great friendship with Chad and he ended up producing our next album in his little studio in Calgary. It was so very cool to make a record all on tape with one of our Can-con heroes.

Have a listen to the record mentioned above here if you’re interested!