Introducing the STEM to MARKET Bootcamp

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The fourth Startup Bootcamp, STEM to MARKET,  launched this month at Yukonstruct. Focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) businesses, this iteration of the bootcamp is an exciting twist on previous bootcamps. The STEM cohort focuses on technical startup founders, and works to provide them with the support they need to bring their idea to market.

The STEM to Market cohort is bursting with innovative, creative, and mind bending businesses that we are utterly inspired by, and we think you will be too. Please join us in welcoming the first ever STEM to MARKET Bootcamp cohort!

Jason Wolsky 

Company: Northern Drone Services

Jason is building a drone business. He holds a valid commercial pilots licence with a multi engine instrument rating, and an advanced drone licence, and brings a background in emergency response with 20 years in the fire service. His drone business will leverage the unique potential drones have in many areas from disaster response, search and rescue, emergency response, aerial photography, aerial surveying and mapping, agriculture, construction, inspection, and the film industry.

Doug Hitch

Company: SkiClaws

SkiClaws allow a skier to run uphill. The patented principle can be used with any type of nordic ski but the initial launch will be with off-track frontcountry skis. You can watch a two minute video here. Doug is an avid skier, skiing north of sixty for three decades. Before working full time on this innovation, he worked as a technical linguist for aboriginal languages in the NWT and Yukon. Other interests can be seen in the publications here. Doug is currently working with Selene Vakharia of SMRT POP UPS to create and launch a crowdfunding campaign, coming fall 2021.

Sean Smith

Company: Ntsia Developments

Sean Smith is designing a deducted wind turbine that is more efficient and safe than the common windmill, with the intention to turn the kinesthetic energy harvested from the sun and wind into energy that powers Yukoners computers. Sean is born and raised in the Yukon and dedicated to contributing to the bright future of the Yukon. 

John Campbell

Company: Ground Reflections Electromagnetic Systems and Engineering Inc.

John is an electrical engineer with many years of northern field experience, dealing with grounding and electromagnetic compatibility issues at power and communications installations. His awareness of the technological challenges in the north, as well as the emerging challenges presented by new technologies has inspired him to develop solutions that will promote resilience in the infrastructures of the future, especially for renewable energy systems.

Bonnie Ferguson

Bonnie Ferguson is taking her passion for the 4 R’s and turning it into a business that helps the earth! She is exploring innovative and useful ways to tackle our society’s plastic problem. Currently, she is leading the charge for a circular economy through the creation of solutions both high and low tech, from eco-bricks to usable products made out of recycled plastic.

Bruce and Marie Fast

Company: Genietek Innovations Inc.

Bruce and Marie Fast have developed, and are marketing, a method of radically compressing GPS coordinates for easier human communication. Bruce has worked as a software innovator for many years, yet his passions lie far beyond the scope of software. His innovative activities include software and hardware, but often veer into territories such as business models and numerical strategies. GenieTek Innovations is the corporate structure containing the innovations of Bruce Fast.

Nicky Rosenberg

Company: AirView Yukon Aviation Systems

AirView Yukon Aviation System products are based on Innovation and patented Cutting Edge Technologies to increase aircraft pilot’s safety and spatial awareness to save lives. This innovative technology enables pilots both on helicopters and any size airplanes to fly safely during bad weather and rapidly changing conditions of visibility. Nicky is working with Chaofeng Zhang, a passionate project management professional with over 10 years of successful experience in marketing and administration for both governments and the private sector. 

Also notable about this season’s Startup Bootcamp is the program facilitator, Chin Chang. Chin comes from a rich background in startup support and corporate sales. He has spent the past 6 years leading programs and supporting mission-driven companies in an incubator/accelerator in Vancouver called Spring. With his depth of experience and knowledge, he brings an abundance of competence to this technical cohort. We are thrilled to have him at the helm. Chin is the Founder of ClassyNarwhal.

We are also honoured to have Tara Larkin back as our dedicated coach to the bootcamp participants. We know that entrepreneurs experience unique challenges, so it is important to us that the Startup Bootcamp provides access to the incredible expertise and support Tara brings. We feel so grateful to have Tara on our team!

As you can see, we are inundated with inspiration over here and are thrilled to get to be home to the incredible work being done by these entrepreneurs who are sure to make a noticeable impact in our community. 

Stay tuned for more news and updates about the trailblazing entrepreneurs in the STEM to MARKET Bootcamp, and for DEMO DAY, where the companies make their final pitch to local and national partners, mentors and investors.  

Our Ask: is there a founder you’d like to connect with? Do you have support to offer, or are you interested in their company? Please email so we can make a connection!