Meet the Makers: Jeramy

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Meet the Makers is a series of interviews to help you get to know the people who are building our community. Jeramy is our new Operations Assistant.

How did you get involved with Yukonstruct? 

I really wanted to make a titanium ring and found out that there was a metal lathe on site. Logan gave me a crash course on the metal lathe and a week later I was turning my first titanium ring, which I still own and wear.

What is your role at Yukonstruct?

As an operations assistant I work at the front desk greeting people, giving tours of the facilities, signing up new members and helping existing members. I will also be helping keep things clean and running smoothly.

Why should people become MakeSpace or CoSpace members?

I have met many amazing people here, was able to collaborate on projects, get feedback on things I was making and advice when I started my business. It is also a great place to test the waters, try things out that you’re not sure or confident about, and use as a launch pad to the next step.

What inspires you to make things?

Honestly, sometimes making things is my greatest inspiration. I will get into my workshop, or the Makespace, and start a project – half way through I will have an idea sparked by the process or material I am using and either write it down for later or start on it right away.

What has been your favourite project so far?

A steak knife that I forged out of titanium with the induction forge and anodized blue and purple in the Hackerspace. The knife I made is terrible but it taught me so much about the forging process, titanium itself, and anodizing.

What do you like about this organization?

The community of makers and entrepreneurs it has built and is building! The stories, the mentorship, the amazing ideas that come from these people and are helping shape Whitehorse and the Yukon territories future.