Our Members’ Got Talent: beautiful cutting boards made by Russ

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Russ LaChapelle came to the Yukon in the early 90’s to work on the highway and never left. Russ and his wife Barb finished raising their three kids in Whitehorse and have been part of raising the grandchildren that followed, both from their own kids and the many that have grown to call them Grandma and Grandpa. He has always had a love for woodworking and enjoys it when he just needs a break or gets an idea or 10. When he discovered Yukonstruct (a local place to build things when you do not have your own shop) it was a match made in heaven. Russ started to challenge himself making cutting boards, rocking chairs, Time Out chairs for the Grandkids, puzzles, Aviaries, Lizard enclosures and many other things.

Russ’ attention to detail and design is second to none. All of his children have something in their homes made by Dad and he is working on making sure all the Grand-kids have something as well.

Get inspired and say Hi! to Russ next time you see him in the woodshop!