Hammerslegan Tournament!

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YuKonstruct members came together for a evening of laughs, sharing project ideas, and of course – competing in the Hammerschlagen tournament! The winner of the tournament would win a Tablet, so the stakes were high.

The game involves throwing and spinning a hammer in the air before catching it and trying to drive  your nail into the stump. the spinning proved to be a great equalizer, as the carpenters and journeymen in the crowd did not have a significant lead over the hobbyists. We played three rounds, and the winners faced off against each other. Colin, James, Dave and Thomas competed for the win. James won by a stroke of the hammer and went home with the prize.

It was awesome to have so many members come out for the Social – its always fun to see how many different projects people are working on. From car conversions, to cabinetry, to boat building, this crowd was doing it all.

Hope to see you at the next member’s social!