Instructables Makerspace Contest 2017

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to is a website that lets you easily share your diy projects with the world. It is a great place to learn how to do almost anything, from building a telescope to curing hiccups.

As part of the maker movement, Instructables has always been a big supporter of makerspaces and YuKonstruct has benefited greatly from their generosity in the past: from donating materials for build nights to offering excellent online learning opportunities for our members.

Last year YuKonstruct won the Instructables Makerspace Contest and brought home $30,000 in new equipment for the makerspace, including a new Epilog laser cutter.

The contest is back again for 2017 and offering more amazing prizes and fun. The goal is simple: put together a team and document as many great projects as you can over the summer. This year more than before, the focus is on writing great step-by-step instructions, with some amazing prizes being offered for the best individual projects.

One of the best parts of participating in the contest is seeing what your fellow makerspace members are working on. The 262 projects made by YuKonstrut’s team last year included incredible lasercut creations, traditional woodworking, digital designs, clever life hacks and delicious recipes.

We’ll be meeting up twice this summer to cheer on team members and help each other complete and document our projects at two mini hackathons:

If you’d like to join YuKonstruct’s team or find out more, email team captain Allison at