Meet the Makers: Julie

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Meet the Makers is a series of interviews to help you get to know the people who are building our YuKonstruct Makerspace Society. Julie recently started as our Director of Programing and Communications.

Julie, what’s your role at YuKonstruct?

I am responsible for Programing and Communications. Before I worked in the industrial marketing field, training development and programing implementation. I am passionate about web design and software in general. Geeky? Yep!

Some programing we will be putting into place include workshops on technical, aesthetic and 3D design, robotics and electronics. We would like to ensure we are using our equipment to their full capacity. More workshops for kids, too!

Why did you join YuKonstruct?

After 3 years of running my own consulting and training company between Yukon and Quebec, I wanted to get involved in a community that imagines, creates and develops and at YuKonstruct that happens! As an engineering graduate registered in France, I have always loved to create new solutions, concepts and prototypes.

What do you like most about YuKonstruct being up and running?

I love how YuKonstruct acts as a pioneer being the first maker community in the North. The positive energy, the ‘repair-reuse-recreate’ attitude and DIY culture running in the Makerspace is amazing and inspiring. I have a lot to learn from our members and volunteers. I am proud to be involved in the adventure and to contribute to spread this energy through the entire Yukon community.

What do you want to build at YuKonstruct?

Wooden toys, baby clothes, baby furniture… all for my baby boy!


Join us on Tuesdays for our Open House from 7:00 to 9:00 pm to meet other makers and take a tour of YuKonstruct!