Update from the new Board of Directors

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Dear members,

At Yukonstruct Makerspace Society’s most recent AGM, a new Board of Directors was elected to serve you for next year. Your Board is collectively accountable to you, the community, funders and stakeholders for meeting Yukonstruct’s mission and for the effective stewardship of our financial and human resources.

This year we welcomed some new faces and hailed the return of three of last year’s Board: Glenn Piwowar as Vice President and Bob Sharp and Mary Ellen Reed as Directors. Also, instead of Co-Chairs, this year members elected one President and a Vice-President to lead the Board.

Your new Board members are:

President: Jennifer Macgillivary
Vice-President: Glenn Piwowar
Treasurer: Chris O’Brien
Secretary: Graeme Tennant
Director: John Glynn-Morris
Director: Chris Lloyd
Director: Mary Ellen Reed
Director: Bob Sharp
Director: Ksenia Gasper

Your new Board will continue to build on the significant successes of the previous Board to advance Yukonstruct’s strategic plan. These include, but are not limited to, renovating the 3rd floor of the Strickland Street building, offering more programming that generated revenue such as the incredibly successful maker camp during spring break, new contribution agreements from our major partners and entering into an agreement to host the Canada Business Network through (co)space.

This year’s key priorities remain the same: to reach financial stability, to clarify our procedures, to develop our physical space, to strengthen programming and training, and to continue to grow our community and identity (including branding). As we navigate our growth in an exciting time of change, the Board is looking to you, our partners, our stakeholders, and our community to reinforce and expand on what makes YuKonstruct excellent – if you have ideas, comments, or questions, we want to hear them! You can easily catch the ear of a Board members or email the Board at Board@yukonstruct.com.