Swan Haven Bird Boxes

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YuKonstruct’s Amy and Thomas teamed up with our friends from Swan Haven to build bird boxes for Yukon’s small cavity nesting birds.

We guided 30 families through the assembly of their very own bird box, which they got to take home and install to create bird habitat for chickadees, bluebirds, or other small birds.

The participants learned about Yukon’s local populations of cavity nesting birds as well as how to pick a good spot to mount a bird box — creating an open flight path to and from the entry way and protecting the nesting birds from predators. And, of course, everyone had fun using the power tools from YuKonstruct!

If you missed the event, here’s an excellent resource about creating bird boxes from the Cornell Lab. Also, don’t forget that we posted about making bird boxes back in November – if you want that plan for a bird box – click here!

If you are looking for information about more awesome events like this, check out the link to: wildlife viewing events.

This event was put on by Wildlife Viewing, Environment Yukon with support from Environment and Climate Change Canada. Thanks for inviting YuKonstruct to take part!

Photo credit: Environment Yukon