We won! Instructables Makerspace Contest 2016 Update

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The official results of the Instructables international makerspace contest were announced this week.

The website hosting the contest, Instructables.com, is a place where makers can document their projects and share instructions on how to make everything from simple recipes to complicated technology. The goal of the makerspace contest was to document as many projects as possible with step-by-step instructions (instructables).

This year, the second year of the contest, 75 makerspaces from around the world competed for over $50,000 in prizes, including a laser cutter, 3D printers and CNC machines.

Top Prize for Most Featured Instructables

YuKonstruct members wrote 262 instructables over a three month period, from June 1 to August 31.

The top prize in the contest, equipment valued at $30,000 CND, was awarded to the team with the most “featured” projects. Featured instructables are selected by the website editors and recognize well -documented projects of a high quality. YuKonstruct’s team produced 199 featured instructables, 97 more than the next highest team from New Zealand.

For most featured instructables, we have won the following:

As members know, the laser cutter currently at YuKonstruct is one of the makerspace’s most popular tools. Winning an additional smaller machine means that members will no longer need to wait as long to do their engraving and cutting projects, and training courses will no longer interfere with access to a laser.

Projects by YuKonstruct’s Team

With 262 projects ranging from tips for buying an ex-ambulance to how to turn a clock into an automatic fish feeder, there’s a lot to go through!

To make it a little easier to peruse, we’ve grouped some of the instructables together into collections.

Most popular projects
Favourite Recipes
Life Hacks
Woodworking Projects
Makerspace LED Projects
Vehicle Projects
Laser Cutter Projects
Sewing Fabric and Textile Projects
Camping and the Great Outdoors

YuKonstruct Team Members

We had a fantastic team of volunteers who brought home the win for YuKonstruct this summer:

Yukon Seann