Sending Off the Summer Staff

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As summer wraps up around here and school begins again, we are forced to say goodbye to our summer students.

Having Yza at the coworking space, and Rowan and Solvey at the makerspace has been hugely beneficial to YuKonstruct! They did so much work to improve the appearance, safety and community at both spaces. Check out the gallery of photos of just some of their contributions.

This was the first summer with staff positions and we know we loved having them! We wanted to know what it was like for the students to work here… Here’s what they said:

Yza: “Working at (co)space has been a great learning experience. I learned about the space, the people and how important it is to be a community. The members all have one thing common: their passion for work. Working at (co)space has helped me to get out of my comfort zone.”

Solvey: “Working at Yukonstruct was really rewarding because we were asked to contribute what we had to offer, rather than just told what was required of us. I was challenged and produced better work because members and colleagues at Yukonstruct treat each other with so much interest and respect.”

Rowan: “YuKonstruct has provided me the opportunity to meet and collaborate with an array of interesting people, and build a variety of projects using some very specialized tools. I can’t speak too highly of the people who make up this organization, and I hope the collective continues to grow and improve for years to come.”

Thanks again summer staff!