Seeking Redemption – Instructables Makerspace Contest Update

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We recently hosted a mini hackathon to help members document their projects on The makerspace was busy with activity as makers worked on their creations, photographed the steps involved and typed up detailed instructions.

YuKonstruct is currently in the lead, with the most featured instructables in the 2016 Instructables Makerspace Contest. We are competing against makerspaces from around the world for over $50,000 in prizes, including a laser cutter, 3D printer and CNC machine. The Instructables contest includes 72 makerspaces from across Canada, the U.S., Europe, Asia and South America. Our top competitors hail from the Dominican Republic, India and New Zealand.

The website hosting the contest,, is a place where makers can document their projects and share instructions on how to make everything from simple recipes to complicated technology. The goal of the contest is to document as many projects as possible with step-by-step instructions (instructables). By recently completing over 100 featured instructables, YuKonstruct’s team has already guaranteed the makerspace a prize that includes a new 3D printer and $500 in robotics equipment. But what we really want is the grand prize which includes a laser cutter!

YuKonstruct seeks redemption after 3rd place finish in 2015

As members know, the laser cutter at YuKonstruct is one of the makerspace’s most popular tools. Our team members narrowly missed winning a coveted second laser cutter in the contest last year. After holding the lead for most of the 3-month-long contest in 2015, YuKonstruct lost to teams from the UK and US in the final days of the competition.

“Being so close to victory, only to lose by two instructables was heartbreaking” said Allison, YuKonstruct’s team captain. “We’ve already more than doubled our numbers from this point last year, and we’re more motivated than ever to win.”

Current Leader Board


YuKonstruct has a healthy lead at the moment, but after being caught by surprise in 2015, team members are taking nothing for granted. The 19 volunteers on the team are working hard to publish as many high quality instructables as they can before the contest closes in 3 weeks.

The competition runs from June 1 to August 31. You can see all of YuKonstruct’s current contest entries at

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