YuKonstruct’s 2016 AGM

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Thank you to all our members who attended this year’s Annual General Meeting of the YuKonstruct Makerspace Society!  About 30 members from the makerspace and (co)space came out to hear the staff, president and financial reports and elect a new Board of Directors. The strategic plan was also introduced! We wrapped up with a fabulous BBQ!

Because John stepped down as President of the Board this year, he left us with his wise thoughts, congratulations and words of encouragement. We sent him off with a fixer-upper bike (as a project piece to ensure he stays a member of the “makers”). It also came with a gift card to the bike shop.


Aside from John stepping down, we are also sad to see Board members Seamus Venasse and Andrew Kalek leave but are grateful for all their hard work.  We are pleased to welcome Tytus Hardy, Mary Ellen Read and Colin MacDonald as our newest Board members! Returning Board members include Jody Woodland, Amy Law, Bob Sharp and Glenn Piwowar.  Thank you all!

The coming year looks to be an exciting one.  In the coming months, the Board in conjunction with the CORE Team will focus on implementing the new stategic plan.

YuKonstruct has several funders and sponsors that make the continuing operations of the community spaces possible. Both the makerspace and the (co)space will continue to depend heavily on volunteers to remain meaningful to the community and function smoothly. Thank you to everyone that makes YuKonstruct what it is! The people are what make this community and we look forward to another exciting year!