Instructables Makerspace Contest!

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YuKonstruct has entered the Instructables Makerspace Contest again this year!
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We are excited to have you join the team and help us potentially win a second laser cutter!  There are lots of great prizes to be won – and all that we need to do, is document our projects.

This competition involves makerspaces from around the world aiming to win great prizes including a laser cutter, 3D printer, CNC router and much more!  The goal is to post the most high quality instructables as possible before August 31, 2016.

An instructable is basically a written step-by-step guide which shows how-to do, or make, something.  These how-to’s are created and written on This website has an almost limitless collection of fantastic instructables about almost any subject you can think of! For any maker, Instructables is a fantastic resource for ideas and inspiration.

How can you help?

Join our team and share your life hacks, recipes, or cool projects by writing step-by-step instructions and posting them on Instructables. If you’d like to participate we’ve put together a short guide below to help get you started!

Mini Hackathons

Need a little help getting your projects published? Join us on June 14th, July 12th or August 9th  for one of our Instructables Mini Hackathons! There, we will have lots of people happy to help get your projects photographed and written up as an instructable to be included in the competition.

How-to enter an Instructable in the Contest

Step zero:   

Have an idea you’d like to share, take lots of clear photos & remember how you made it / or did it.

Step one:   

Go to and sign up with a free account (or sign-in, if you have one already). Email our team captain, Allison at to get your account added to our list of team members.
Want a pro-account? We have the hook ups so please ask!

Step two:   

Once signed in, click on the “Publish” button at the top to the right of the search bar, and then click “New Instructable” in orange.

Step three:   

Write your “how-to” instructable by adding your instructions and pictures, using the handy editor.
YuKonstruct has a camera and photography lights to help you get the best quality images of your projects.
If you’re stuck: There is in fact an instructable on how to make an instructable here, and one specifically on how to use the editor, at this link here.

Step four:   

Click “Publish”. Add our team code (YuKonstruct2258) in the keywords and select the Makerspace Contest.

Instructables Screen Capture

You can enter some other useful keywords to help people find your instructable, and you can enter up to two others contests you think your project applies to.

Getting Featured

If you post a high quality instructable you’re likely to get “featured” (check out the criteria here). Getting featured means they want to showcase your well put together content. If you’re aiming to get your instructable featured you should try to include the following key things:

  • Clear title
  • Intro explaining the project and motivation (aka. why you did this?)
  • Original photos (bright, clear and in focus)
  • Information to make it replicable (using enough detail and/or links to resources if possible)
  • Materials list (usually at beginning with links where applicable)
  • Any files / patterns used, where possible

Step five:   

Share your new instructable with your friends!

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