Ice Fishing with YuKonstruct

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Recently, Environment Yukon fisheries biologist Oliver Barker taught participants at YuKonstruct how to make an ice fishing rod and gave information on fisheries management, ethical angling practices, and why whitefish are a good catch! Steve Hahn teamed up with Oliver on this workshop to craft a whitefish specific lure for Yukon lakes. These lures were created using materials such as bunny fur and strips of garbage bags. The 12 workshop participants were a diverse group of fishing enthusiasts ranging from seniors to a five-year-old.

Once participants had their rod and tackle, putting it to use was the next step! We opened up the invitation to 30 people to join us for fishing on a lake and it booked up fast! The day at Little Atlin Lake involved fishing, a bonfire with marshmallows and hot dogs (thanks Karla!) and even some swan viewing.

One fellow caught his first fish in 40 years (followed quickly by his second, third and fourth)! Overall, these events were really fun. Thank you to everyone that came out, helped out and made it happen!

If you enjoyed this event, be sure to check out our full  Make It Wild workshop series in partnership with the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Enhancement Trust.