Meet the Makers: Steve

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Meet the Makers is a series of interviews to help you get to know the people who are building our makerspace. YuKonstruct member Steve has been busy lately building things in the wood shop. Read on to find out what he likes about the makerspace.

Steve, why did you join YuKonstruct?
I joined YuKonstruct because I really enjoy woodworking, but don’t have the space or the tools (and haven’t for years). It was a great opportunity to get be more creative and BUILD COOL STUFF!

Being a member gives you access to a ton of useful tools – you can use the wood shop for practical things like home renos or learn to use the laser cutter or 3D printers for more creative or artistic projects.

What do you like most about YuKonstruct being up and running?
The super friendly volunteers and staff asking how my projects are coming along.

What do you like to make?
So far I’ve kept busy in the woodshop, building a few woodworking projects and prepping materials for some renovations I’ve been doing on my basement.

What do you want to build at YuKonstruct?
I have some elaborate plans for a coffee table that I’d like to build over the next few months using the CNC router. I also want to take advantage of the laser cutter to print all kinds of cool little things for around the house.

Working in the woodshop is something I find very relaxing; it’s not uncommon that I’ll get into a zone, time flies by, and I end up late for whatever it is I’m supposed to be doing next. Building practical things that I need in my everyday life is very satisfying, but it’s also fun to let loose and tap into your creative side.

What has been your favourite project so far?
A few months ago I salvaged some old hardwood flooring and built a bedside stand for my keys, wallet and notebook.

For my next project I want to build a wireless phone charger – either as a stand-alone piece, or built into my bedside table.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to while at the makerspace?
Being roped into a chemistry experiment. YuKonstruct staff combined two mysterious powders that combusted and melted a chunk of iron! Very cool. [Editor’s note: Check out Thermite Casting at YuKonstruct to see what he’s talking about]

Do you have any advice for other makers in the Yukon?
Keep on tinkering!