Solar Panels at YuKonstruct

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Polarcom was here at YuKonstruct last week setting up solar panels as part of a research project. This project is being run by Polarcom, ML and Associates, and Cold Climate Innovation at Yukon College.

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The goal of this project is to compare how different solar photovoltaic technologies perform in the Yukon. The project will be connected to the internet via a wireless sim card connection which will allow real time and gross power production data to be accessible online.


All data produced by this project will be accessible to the public via an online website along with a series of reports analysing which panels perform best under various conditions (cloudy, winter conditions, peak sun, rainy). The goal of this project is to provide a publically accessible data set that will allow Yukoners to determine which solar technologies will provide them with maximum benefit should they be pursuing a solar installation.

There are 4 kinds of modules installed- 4 Polycrystalline, 2 monocrystalline, 4 Thin Film modules and 2 Bi-facial modules. These solar panels were mounted to the tops of our shipping containers in the back of the shop yard. This location is ideal for the research project since it is high, well exposed and out of the way from people and vehicles.

YuKonstruct was interested in getting involved with this project for several reasons- it is a sustainable and renewable energy source that provides us with some power and saves us money on our power bill! It’s also an interesting project which is a first of its kind and will potentially be replicated by national and international research bodies!