Reflecting on Year 1

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It’s hard to believe YuKonstruct officially opened its doors one year ago.  Where have we come from?

In a year we have transitioned from a start-up to a fully functioning organization.

In a year we have transitioned from a start-up to a fully functioning organization.

The numbers:

  • We have hovered around 80 full-time members, at one point cracking 100.
  • We have dozens of committed and passionate volunteers.
  • We have facilitated over 60 events.
  • We have hosted over 700 person-visits.

Today, we have a positive brand that represents creativity, positivity, and making things happen.  We are being approached by other not-for-profits, governments, and companies because they see YuKonstruct as a vehicle for potential.

Our community has been very generous.  We owe particular thanks to our funders and supporters:  Yukon Government Economic Development, Canadian Northern Economic Development Agency, and Yukon College.  We also owe thanks for our corporate partners such as Northwestel, Home Hardware, What’s Up Yukon, Yukon Brewing, and many others.  We would like to particularly recognize the Technology and Telecommunications Development Directorate Team at Economic Development who have championed our cause and helped us from Day 1.

humble beginnings

But support also comes in other forms, particularly sweat equity.  You can have all the funding, the tools, the space…but without the people, you have nothing.  So, to the people who believed in us and supported us along the way, thank you.  To the volunteers who have put in countless hours, thank you.  I would particularly like to recognize those who regularly show-
up at CORE Team meetings, site-moderators, those who have contributed to building the space, to the Board, and to our staff.

On reflection, I think part of our success is our culture.  Fundamentally, we trust each other and as builders, believe that everyone is ‘building’ in their own way towards a better organization and a more creative, confident, and entrepreneurial Yukon.  Trust in each other is something we have built and should protect.


I also believe our unique governance structure plays a large part in our success.  We have two overlapping bodies – the Board of Directors and a CORE team (open to all members) – that work together.  The Board takes on administrative aspects of the organization and attempts to remove barriers so that the CORE Team, which directs operations, can perform freely.  To be sure, there have been growing pains but our fundamental trust in each other and attempt for fluid and transparent communication has kept us afloat.

Everyday, I am witnessing the creativity that is in all of us.  When given the tools, the knowledge, and the confidence to make (and, yes, ‘break’) anything, amazing things happen.  For individuals and for our community.

Here’s to an exciting year 2!