What are Instructables? (FAQ and How-to)

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Instructables FAQ

I don’t understand. What exactly is going on?

YuKonstruct is competing in a contest against other makerspaces from around the world, to win great prizes including a laser cutter, welder, and much more!  The goal is to post the most high quality Instructables as possible before the August 31, 2015. More info here!

What is an instructable anyway?

An instructable is basically a written step-by-step guide which shows how-to do, or make, something.  These how-to’s are created and written on a website called Instructables.com. This website has an almost limitless collection of fantastic instructables about almost any subject you can think of!  Here, anyone can document and share their creations in a step-by-step fashion to allow others to be able to use, make or build it themselves.

Why is YuKonstruct doing this?

The prizes are certainly a nice incentive, but more than that, it fits well with YuKonstruct’s mission of empowering the local maker community to bring their ideas to life by providing training and access to great tools. For any maker, Instructables.com is a fantastic resource to provide ideas and inspiration. Contributing knowledge and sharing with this global maker community, just gives you a warm fuzzy feeling!

How can I help?

Share your life hacks, recipes, or cool projects by writing step-by-step instructions and posting them on instructables. Don’t forget some helpful pictures. If you’d like to participate we’ve put together a short guide below to help get you started!

I want to post an instructable but need help – what do I do?

Join us at our next event where we will help you get your instructable posted. Thursday August 27, from 6-9pm.  If you can’t join us, please email info@yukonstruct.com for some support. If you would like to try posting one on your own we have listed the key steps below for you. 

 How-to Post an Instructable

Step zero:   

Have an idea you’d like to share, take lots of clear photos & remember how you made it / or did it.

Step one:   

Go to instructables.com and sign up with a free account (or sign-in, if you have one already).

Step two:   

Once signed in, click on the “Publish” button at the top to the right of the search bar, and then click “New Instructable” in orange.

Step three:   

Start with your title and select whatever category fits your project best. Then write your “how-to” instructable by adding your instructions and pictures, using the handy editor.
If you’re stuck: There is in fact an instructable on how to make an instructable here, and one specifically on how to use the editor, at this link here.

Step four:   

Publish your instructable. Once you click publish you can enter some useful keywords to help others find it, and you can personally enter any contests you think your project applies to. (note: the makerspace contest will not be listed, that’s a special one)

If you post a high quality instructable you’re likely to get “featured” (check out the criteria here). Getting featured means they want to showcase your well put together content (AND YuKonstruct will give an instructables t-shirt to any member who gets featured!). If you’re aiming to get your instructable featured you should try to include the following key things:

  • Clear title
  • Intro explains the project and motivation (aka. why you did this?)
  • Original photos (bright, clear and in focus)
  • Make it replicable (using enough detail and/or links to resources if possible)
  • Materials list (usually at beginning with links where applicable)
  • Any files / patterns used, where possible

Step five:   

Tell us about it (email us your link to info@yukonstruct.com and we will include it in our contest entry!). Don’t forget to share your new instructable with your friends!

 Curious about the Instructables people have contributed so far? Check out YuKonstruct’s contest entries by clicking the picture below: