Instructables Makerspace Contest & Hackathon

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to is running a contest for makerspaces with over $30,000 in prizes! YuKonstruct could win another laser, 3D printer, welder and more great equipment.

HOW, you ask?  By helping us post the most number of featured instructables (in yellow, below), and / or the most number of total posted instructables by the time the contest closes!

Email the url of your published instructables to

On July 16th, we hosted a mini hackathon to get together and write as many instructables as possible. Featured instructables authors were on hand to help anyone who needed a little assistance getting their projects published.

YuKonstruct’s members have been publishing some really fantastic instructables. Everything from quinoa salad to sword scabbards!

YuKonstruct is in the lead!
YuKonstruct is in the lead!

The contest closes August 31st, so there’s still time to enter your projects. Recipes, knitting patterns, life hacks… they are all eligible for the contest! All YuKonstruct members who participate will get a free Instructables Pro Account and we’re giving away awesome Instructables t-shirts to every member who gets an instructable featured!

We’ll be doing another mini hackathon on August 27th, as a last final push to the finish line. Please join us!